Upholstered Beds

Upholstered Beds, Bed Frames, and Bed Heads

Sleep comfortably and luxuriously with upholstered beds from Argyle Furniture Designs. We offer a range of beds and bed heads that will transform the look and feel of your bedroom and give you a quality night’s sleep, night after night. Whatever the style of your bedroom furniture, we have something to suit your taste. Contact us for more information.

Customised upholstered beds

Our upholstered beds are customised, made to order and available in a selection of fabrics and leathers. They can be customised to any size and shape you like and we can design an upholstered bedhead to perfectly complement your bed and bedroom style. An upholstered bedhead adds a unique character to your bedroom and draws in colour schemes from other fabrics in the room. It will complete your sleeping quarters with a stylish touch.

Transform your bedroom

Transform your bedroom with our upholstered beds with beautiful fabric. This will make your bedroom look and feel like a new room. We have a range of beautiful upholstery to choose from. We also have designers and craftsmen to help you choose a bed that suits the interior of your room. Upholstered beds give your room a soft homely feel, some of our beds offer additional storage space, but they all offer soft finishing’s, extreme comfort and a luxurious feel to your bedroom furniture.

Upholstered bed heads

We also sell an assortment of upholstered bed heads to complement your bed. These are soft, padded bed heads, making your bed the ideal comfort zone for reading, relaxing and watching TV.

The best part of bed heads is that they can be easily cleaned by dusting regularly and using a suitable vacuum with the right attachment. You get a new easy-to-clean piece that protects your wall and your head and gives your bedroom a fresh new look. We supply upholstered beds Australia-wide, with comfort and style.

Sleep easy with an upholstered bed from Argyle Furniture Designs. Contact us to talk to one of our knowledgeable staff or call us on +61 (08) 9248 2554.

Upholstered Bed 2

Luxxis Upholstered Bedding with Base

Mayfair Upholstered Bedhead

Upholstered Bed 5

Upholstered Bed 6

Balman Design Upholstered Bedding with Base

The BOSS Upholstered bedding with Base

Eleanor Upholstered Bedding with Base

Upholstered Bed 11